About Us

About Antonio Ribeiro

I was born in Brazil in 1977 and earned a B.Sc. in Agriculture in Costa Rica in 1999.  I moved to the US in 2000 to study English and do an internship in organic agriculture.  Life took a different path and I’ve worked in construction since 2002

Sabrina Ribeiro and I were married  in 2010 and we were blessed with 2 beautiful children.  These three amazing people are the loves of my life and the driving force behind everything I do.

Prior to partnering with Valmar and creating Master Home Builder, I owned ACR Construction, a company that was specialized in forensic inspection, severe damage repair and general construction needs.

After doing few renovations, I saw the delighted faces of the new homeowners as they took possession of their keys for the first time. I liked being a part of people lives, helping them feel special and right at home. I could tell there would be something particularly rewarding about designing and building homes from the ground up alongside the family that would make that house their home. This passion lead to the creation of Master Home Builder, LLC.


About Valmar Nunes

Valmar Nunes was born on May 27, 1977 in Natal, RN Brazil.

Looking back, when he landed at the Miami International Airport in 1999, he only had $20.00 in his pocket and an enormous dream of living the “American dream “. He attended several National Guru Seminar with presenters such as Tony Robins, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, George Foreman, and James Smith. What he learned empowered him and reaffirmed his conviction that his destiny lay in his hands and those of the Almighty. Ever since, there has been no looking back.

As an East Coast Landscaping & Design employee, he did landscaping with Manale Landscaping and several other construction companies to support himself in America and Invest in Brazil.  He continued to do odd jobs before deciding to partner and form Guaranteed Framing LLC.

Guaranteed Framing LLC is a well respected company specializing in Single Family home construction in the Charleston Tri-County area. He has been a preferred contractor to many top home builders in the US such as Centex Homes, Lennar Homes, Dan Ryan Homes, Ryland Homes, ProBuild and Atlantic Building Company, just to name a few.

He sat for and obtained his South Carolina Residential License in 2004. Shortly after, he had a joint venture that saw the successful completion of building the last phase of the Indigo Fields on the Ashley neighborhood. The Indigo on the Ashley neighborhood is an upper class single home residential neighborhood comprising of high end custom homes. The successful completion and sell-out of the neighborhood was a milestone in his journey to becoming one of the most reputable home builders in the Lowcountry.

To date, he has built over 40 residential custom homes. Since 2002, he has framed over 2,500 homes and apartment complexes and commercial buildings for some of the big home building conglomerates in the nation.

Valmar Nunes got married in 2004 to Melissa Nunes. They have been blessed by 3 children (2 daughters and a son). They currently reside in the Town of Mount Pleasant. He attends the Seacoast Church, a nondenominational contemporary church featuring fresh music and relative messages. He volunteers with non-profit organizations including Samaritans Feet, Operation Home, and several others dedicated to empowering the human spirit through encouragement and distribution of basic necessities in the US, Brazil and Sub Saharan Africa. He is a Board Member of the Luvaga Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to improving educational opportunities to children in Sub Saharan Africa by building and equipping libraries in small rural communities. Community Library in the Maliki Village, Kenya. He continues to work very closely with local politicians in Charleston and Natal looking for a way to better serve the community.

Valmar is considered as the “go to” guy. He takes great pride in being able to make a difference in someone else’s life. He is a giver and loves to help others. His foresees that in the near future, he would like to dedicate several months of each year being in the service of God and fellow brothers and sisters all over the world.

His approach to life is based on the simple logic that good deeds are always rewarded tenfold. He is big believer in the concept of Karma – “What goes around comes back around.” He is a Christian and a firm believer in God and his only begotten son Jesus Christ, our savior.

“Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” (Henry Ford)